Aco KlassicDrain Channel Drain - Sloped Sections - 150mm to 200mm deep x 1m long

  • Brand: ACO Systems
  • Product Code: AC-K1-11to20/KS1-11to20
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KlassikDrain - K100 series are manufactured out of high strength Polymer Concrete.

They feature a 100 mm internal width and a wide choice of grates - from decorative to ADA-compliant and up to Load Class E - for use in applications from parking lot to shopping mall drainage.

Internal depth ranges from 100mm to 300mm with a 5mm slope per 1m section


K100 Series comes with Galvanized Steel Edge Rails

KS100 comes with Type 304 Stainless Steel Edge Rails for use with Stainless Steel Grates

Choose K1-11, K1-12, K1-13 etc. in order until desired length has been achieved.

After K1-20, either choose K1-020 or K1-0203 Neutral Channel or continue with K1-21, K1-22 etc.


  • 1m long standard sections
  • 100 mm internal width
  • 1-40 slope system
  • 0.5% slope
  • Developed V-shaped profile
  • Knock outs every 5th channel
  • Multiple grate styles
  • Installation device
  • Available In-line catch basin

Requires a Grate(s) (See 'Grates' section)

The K100 Series are designed to order - Please call for more information