Bella Spring Pro

  • Brand: Bella Turf Inc
  • Product Code: BT-BSP
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Priced By: /ft @15'
  • $95.70

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Want to own one of the best looking properties on your street? The Spring Pro is soft affordable and visually appealing. With a blend of colours including: lime green, field green and dry yellows. It is the ideal artificial grass for any low traffic areas such as garden heavy properties, green roofs, and front yards. If you’re looking for a visually stunning grass that doesn’t break the bank, the Spring Pro is the grass you’ve been searching for. Despite the price, this grass still looks extremely realistic and the Spring Pro is no exception with its two toned blade and two toned thatch colours. Say “no more” to mowing the lawn every other day and install Bella Turf’s Spring Pro


  • Fiber Type: Polyethylene Monofiliment
  • Fiber Colour: Lime Green/Field Green
  • Thatch Colour: Amber Yellow/Verde Green
  • Pile Height: 1.75"
  • Tuft Guage: 0.38"
  • Backing: Perforated Polyurethane
  • Density: 12600
  • Total Weight: 77oz/sq.yd.
  • Full Roll Size: 15' wide x 100' long
  • Full Roll Weight: 797lbs
  • Pricing is by the foot @ 15' wide
Note: It is not recommended to use the Classic in areas with a moderate or heavy foot traffic. The flat blade design of the Classic allows the grass blades to be compressed easier and makes it more difficult for them to bounce back on their own. If your artificial grass blades become compressed they can be revitalized and brought back to their original position by basic maintenance and Powerbrooming the fibers back up. For any higher traffic areas such as back yards and commercial applications we offer both the U-Shape™ and WaveBlade™ technologies. These Bella Turf exclusive technologies have been specifically manufactured to give the artificial grass the ability to bounce back on its own.